Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 things..or maybe less

Everyone's doing it everywhere. I thought I'd do it here. Here is a list of 25 or may be less things of whatever-:

1. Writing's crap and boring. I prefer talking, online chatting and screaming.

2. If looks could kill, i probably would've died a number of times

3. It kills me to know that so many people are travelling around the world, exploring differnet places at this very moment while I am here typing out this mindless shit.

4. My true love is music and unfortunately all gifted musicians are either broke or drug addicts or both.

5. I am a control freak in the making. I love to bully.

6. I think common sense decreases the more you climb up the corporate ladder.

7. I like to form words in the air. I do this quite often.

8.  I hate the fact that the mindless Paris Hilton has so much more money than me.

9. I hate pretending to be nice all the time.

10.  I discovered what true happiness is when I held my pair of drum sticks for the first time. Can't wait to begin to play.

11. I secretly want to be a hip hop artist but I can't rap!

12. I love to sing. If my voice were'nt so bad, I would sing in public all day long.

13.  I am running out of things to write.

14. As much as I crib about being single, I secretly love the fact that I don't have a boyfriend. In these times of recession, it;s the best thing.

15. I wish I could fly. I envy all the birds.

16.  I am yet to discover my true passion and I am in no hurry. I know it will find me.

17. I dont miss my school and college days.  Life sucked then and life sucks now. No point in cribbing and "missing the good ol' days".

18. Sex is over-rated. It is one activity everyone indulges in and yet no one speaks about it. 

19. I love everyone who's on Twitter.

20. I like to know everything about everyone everytime.

21. I like to read but not as much as I say I do.

22. Whoever thought of this 25 things  all those who write it have nothing better to do in life. Go save the world or something.

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  1. hmmm...i only knew 1, 4, 10, 19 about you. So i now know a lot more!!!

    Here's my list fr you to learn: