Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Random Thought#1

I think I am slowly losing my mind. Giving in to the sanity of the world. Though it's hard to say why...maybe because I am giving in or maybe because I am too tired.

Does'nt matter really. 

Random Thought#2

Fighting off the peace my mind has suddenly developed. It's hard to think when I'm relaxed\

Random Thought#3

I miss the part of me when I loved everyone. I just can't stand people now

Random Thought#4

If god had a plan for all us...does it mean that my plan is lost? Am I living someone else's life?

Random Thought#5

I'm not a cynic. Nor am i a skeptic. I am being the person I ought to be.


  1. ahhh you're just going though an emotionally confusing time. you need to take your time and get through this, and life will be beautiful again.

    and you don't need to love everyone. sometimes, one person is all you need :)

  2. Loved being here. The powerful emotions.
    Agrees with krist0ph3r.

    Read this just after I watched Twilight.