Monday, February 7, 2011

The Curious Case of The Ladies Compartment

Dear Ladies-travelling-in-the-ladies-compartment-in-the-metro,

I’m confused. Would you mind answering this for me?

1.First you want reservation (which you obviously get) and then won’t open your mouth when a man enters and very comfortably travels in a reserved coach? What is it exactly are you afraid of? You are about a 100 against that one guy. Alteast stand up with the one who objects.

2. When one of your own does object to it, all the rest of you do is watch mutely or better still, turn your head away to the other side.Why?

3. Do you realise that when you sit in a seat specifically reserved for senior citizens, you have to vacate it when an older person boards the train? And by vacating, i mean getting up and not “slightly” moving your shapely behind to “adjust” someone to whom the seat rightfully belongs to?

4. When you ask me to make some room for you in an already overflowing seat, you realise that its ME who is doing YOU a favor and not the other way round? Should you not stop pushing me further and further into an immovable position that almost breaks ALL my bones ?

5. I understand that as women, we have this insatiable need to pack everything in our bags, hence often making it heavy to carry and hold onto for a long time. But before you place *that* heavy bag on me, shouldn't you ask me first? I am a person after all, not a random shelf inside the metro (which btw, they are yet to build!)

In name of sisterhood, motherhood or even Robin Hood (if you find him cute!), please help me understand your unnecessarily rude and strange behavior.

A frustrated fellow lady traveller.