Saturday, February 14, 2009

808s and Heartbreak

I usually dont listen to complete  albums by single artists. They tend to bore me so I keep myself limited to a few of their popular tracks. 

I am also a faithful hip hop/r&b/rap fan. Though pop, rock, jazz interest me, but hip hop is something i keep coming back to.  I stumbled upon Kanye West's latest album 808s and Heartbreak via Grey's Anatomy. One of the latest episodes had Streetlights playing and as is my habit, I went on to investigate kw1 the song.

Kanye;s 808s and Heartbreak is experimental album. He has explored new sounds,  beats and lyrics and is definetly unlike his other albums.

Another brilliant track from the album is Tell Everybdy That You KNow which features Lil Wayne. After the much successful (& grammy winner) Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne has certainly come a long way. This track has the two artists experimenting with never heard before voice effects and rapping. totally love the number and cannot help listening to it over  and over again.

All in all, a supremely interesting album and definetly recommended to all those who are bored of the boring cliched gangsta rap/hip hop. This one's a refreshing change.


I love every song I listen to. Any thing that makes me move, allows me to dream and helps me take my mind off of reality.

Music represents more than just lyrics, beats and rythm. It is another form of living. A life where you don't have to worry about anything, think about anything or even bother being nice to anyone. Our whole life can be summed up by a few tracks; that's how simple music can make life. 

While we try to classify music as trashy or classic; meaningful or simply a waste of melody, the tuth remains, our souls are alive because we can always tune out of reality's single boring note and transport ourselves into this magical world where there are so many beats that you son drift off into bliss.

So whether we like hip hop or country or rock or pop, we all are united by this one singular string which keeps us breathing everyday.

Go discover your music. Go discover your life.