Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Marathon

This sunday was a movie marathon day. Here is a list of some of the movies i watched (at home) and how good/bad/ugly they were

1. Easy A
Started with this one as it promised to be a chick flick. And it was. Loosely inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic novel on adultery & romance,Scarlett Letter, this movie tells the tale of a high school socially inept teenage girl, Olive Penderghast who uses a rumor of her apparent promiscuity to climb the social ladder - stitching a red A to further add to her new reputation. The movie then becomes predictable on how she begins to  dislike her popularity, the guy she likes (who was uptil now ignoring her) suddenly falls in love, and other over-used plots of a teenage flick. The movie is a good for one watch- Emma Stone has done justice to her role- acting like a vamp in one scene and an innocent victim in the other. Penn Badgely (of the Gossip Girl fame) is totally wasted (though he does look good in his shirtless scenes :)) is the love interest of Olive. 
I'd give the movie a 6/10 for Emma Stone's performance only and making my Saturday afternoon thoroughly enjoyable.
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2. The Devil's Backbone
This one had been lying in my harddrive for a very long time, and i thought it was high time i watched it. This spanish horror/thriller by Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro is a MUST WATCH. Set in the Spanish civil war era,this movie is about a young boy Carlos who is left at an orphanage in the middle of nowhere  by his tutor and how he discovers that the place is haunted, what he does thereafter. Quoting AO Scott of the New York Times, "The director, Guillermo del Toro, balances dread with tenderness, and refracts the terror and sadness of the time through the eyes of a young boy, who only half-understands what he is witnessing".
I give the movie a 9/10 for keeping me hooked right till the end. 
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3. Buried
This one is NOT for the ones who don't like closed spaces. I rarely like movies that follow a single character plot line and without many scene changes or character development.I tend to lose my patience watching such movies This one was no exception. While buried has received good reviews & it IS a good film, i fast forwarded it to the end mostly because i could not bear to watch any longer. It is about a truck driver (Ryan Reynolds) in Iraq who is ambushed and buried alive under the desert with a blackberry, knife, glow sticks, lighter & a hip flask. The ending is a surprise ( i read it in Wiki and then forwarded it to see it for myself) but is a good watch for those (especially men!) who like the how-will-he-survive kinda single plotline. For me, the movie is a 5/10.  

4. Animal Kingdom
I ended my movie marathon with this fabulous movie. Animal Kingdom is an Australian crime film which shows how a young teen is unwittingly caught in the drama that unfolds in his grandmother's life- who incidentally happens to be the matriarch of Melbourne's crime family. This award winning movie has Guy Pearce as the cop who tries his best to bring the family down. Watch the movie for its intensity & excellent character development. I'll give it a 9.5/10. An absolute must watch!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free, is all you gotta be

We are born free & then as we grow up, we chain ourselves to self-imposed shackles. The need to be happy one time & sad the another, the desire to want someone & disown the other, attempts to trust & betray- all these emotions we build up to please others, ourselves, the society- unconsciously succeed in forcing us to become someone else.

Free. That is all that we need to be. Living for ourselves and doing what makes us happy. Free from the constant need to adjust to society & its norms.Doing what others think right.

Our time is limited. Do we really want to spend it inside a box?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flashback of a Fool

Modern day tradition has it that we look back deep & hard at the year gone by & immediately convert it into a blog post. Sticking to convention, I am going to do the same. Having neglected my blog for over 2 months, it is only right that I give it the due attention it needs by a blog that sums up last year.
2010 can be easily summed up in one word- Change. It was the year that brought the most diverse experiences to me- some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant. I am attempting to put together all the things that defined 2010 for me - a year that was perhaps the turning point of my life.

1. Travel. 
2010 was the year of travel. From orlando, new york, to Ladakh, Mcleodganj to Chennai & Bombay- i had the best experiences of my life. I explored new cultures, cuisines, people & most importantly, myself. Travelling to all these fantastic places made me realise how little i know of this vast earth that we live in & how little time i have to see it all.

2. The Other Side of People
The past year also opened up a whole new side of people i had never expected to see. I saw some people behave, act & change - ultimately transforming into this new person that i suddenly did not recognise. This did two things - made me realise how bad a judge i am of people & that in life, as we move along, we are really all alone. We have to fight our own battles and no matter how much we want to help the other person, we have to let them fight on their own. 

3. New Career, New goals
What earlier began as a casual conversation with @_Anshul, soon turned into what would shape my career- Digital marketing. I moved from a role in organizational development into digtal marketing - the shift was dramatic. I did not know (and probably still don’t!) how would i turn a hobby into a career - but i guess i’m learning along the way. The proverb - “Find something that you really like & you will never have to work a day in your life” seems to be coming true for me. I mana

4. Books
The past year brought back my reading habit. As per my Goodreads update, i read almost 30 books last year (quite an achievement for me!) and managed to build up a small library of my own. 
5. Discovering new friendships
I made new friends - people who simplify my life and make it so much more fun. 

Looking back, i don’t regret a day of my life last year & would probably do over everything exactly the same way. Looking ahead, I hope for 2011 to be bigger & better & simpler- a year that makes me happy in all that I do.