Friday, December 25, 2009

Looking Back and Ahead

2009 was the year of the highest of highs and somewhat lows.

It began with bidding farwell to a close friend, getting a promotion, a makeover and a roller coaster vacation. It was also the year of falling out of lust and diving deep into music and books. I let go of a lot of my inhibitions, yet was hesistant in going ahead with some of my ideas. I discovered new music, attempted to play the drums (of which i soon got bored and gave up), and made three new friends (which is quite an acheivement, btw!). I tried my hand at dating (again!), socialising and building my network of aquaintances. I did suceed in growing the number of people i know but failed miserably at socialising. I also was able to make work impersonal and had looked forward to being home on time. It was also the year i had most fun- without any worries.

The year brought with it some surprises, plenty of presents (thanks, Mint!) and a new found confidence. I discovered a whole new aspect about myself (which, at first shocked and then pleased me). The end of the year brought with it a delicious engagement which is currently adding a lot of fun to my hour long travel to work.

Looking back, of all the things i had sought out to do this year, most has been successfully accomplished. I think i have emerged a much stronger person and have gained some clarity about my future. What the next will bring, im damned curious to find out. But i guess i ahve already anticipated some of it.

2010 might not be any different but then again, it could also be the year of change. I hope it would be.

But all I know is: there’s something new this year.

All I know is there’s something new real near.

- Hello Saferide

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