Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Digital Revolution

A lot has changed since the onset of Digital Media. What earlier used to take days to reach, now takes only a fraction of a second to travel to the other side of the globe. Going digital has helped businesses reach out to a far greater audience spanning geographies, time zones and sometimes even cultures.

But all you digital gurus already know that, right?! So why am I rambling the obvious? Because, it is time for businesses to focus on the consumer more than ever. Increasing digitization has  made life simple, or even more complicated? 

I found this excellent piece on how the digital revolution is leaving the consumer behind by Simon Silvester, [written some time back but relevant even today]. Aptly titled- My Brain Hurts, this study tells us how the increasing pace of technology is overloading the consumer and that is it time for businesses to pause and help the consumer understand the technology that is supposed to make their lives simpler.
An excerpt:-
‘The new net boom’ announces Fortune.
In California, venture capital is flowing.
After five years in the doldrums, tech is back.
And it’s back big time
Last time it was only dotcoms, telecoms and computers
that boomed.
Today virtually every industry on Earth is experiencing
rapid change.
Hollywood is digitizing.
Airlines are digitizing.
Fast food service is digitizing.
Soon, with the arrival of radio ID chips on every package
in every supermarket, the humble food and drink
industries will digitize too.
But as the world again gets excited by all things tech,
perhaps we should pause.

Read more of this wonderful paper by Simon Silvester,Y&R EMEA here.

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