Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapter One

She could not trust anybody she met. Her thoughts were largely colored by what others felt. She was getting closer to deceiving herself every day. It felt like small rocks were slowly filling up in every space of her body and that if she did not conform to the “rules of the game”, she would be left behind and lead an average life.  She longed for Prince Charming and rejected everyone who came along. She also never had any real friends. All those she met had some agenda which once fulfilled, would go away, giving her only a taste of what real friendship could be like. The ones she tried to hang out with were always disapproved by either her family or her other “good” friends.

She tried to be someone else every day, since being herself made her look shallow, silly and juvenile. Everything she thought was wrong. Everything she wanted to do was unsuitable. She was going nowhere and she was pleasing no body.

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  1. Nice start! Where's chapter two? :D

    And nice blog btw, please do update more often. Have bookmarked it.