Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Drunk Me

I've always wondered how would I be if I were totally completely drunk..having heard of some really interesting stories of my friends acting like real freaks after 3 rounds of vodka.

Well..the opportunity came when we were saying goodbye to a close friend and colleague and it was decided that 6 of us gather at her place for a complete daaru session.

I reached her place at 7pm and found everything and everyone was waiting for me. I sat down and one of the boys poured me a small neat shot of vodka. Yes..I was damn nervous when I had the glass in my hand coz the last thing I wanted was to puke even before the party started. But after encouragement from the others... I said a little prayer and gulped down the teeny weeny shot of hot liquid. 

And I did not feel a thing. 

It was so disappointing that i asked the boys to make me another neat shot of vodka. What the heck, i thought. I'll give it another try. So down went the second drink and I still not feel a thing.

So now it was time for the party to begin...and the drinks started pouring. I was given a choice between Vodka+Orange Juice & Whiskey with coke. 

Having had enough vodka, I chose the latter, having never tried it before.

In 3 minutes, I was done with the first round and that;s when the magic started. I began to giggle for no reason which then turned in to a scary uncontrollable laughter. By the time I finshed the second round of whiskey, I was practically rolling on the floor laughing for no apparent reason.

And to my surprise, I got the entire room roaring loudly. We were like a bunch of mad crazy animals let loose.

I donot remember having as much fun as I did that night. All that drinking and ribs hurt for the next three days!! 

**Sigh** I love alcohol.


P.S: I hope my sisters never read this...or they will be writing a post on how they murdered me after reading this. :(

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